How we work

We provide tailored solutions for museums, heritage and arts organisations to help them become better at delivering visitor facing projects.


Speak to us if

You have an idea for a project but need help to realise it.  

Your project processes could be improved with our assistance.

Your aspirations could be better met if the people delivering your project were given our support.


Top: Lighting competition held at the National Railway Museum for theatre students. Bottom: Travelling Light, installation at the National Railway Museum by artists Heinrich and Palmer, funded by Arts Council England.

How we work together will depend on your need. This often starts with a conversation. We can help you define your Project Strategy, carry out a Feasibility Study or create a Project Plan. At the early stages of your project we will help shape what it is you want to do and why. We will help define who it is for and the people that should be involved in its development.

We can look at the options for delivering your project and set out the route to its successful completion, including Budget and Resources Planning. As your project moves forward we can work with you to shape content and define the approach to interpretation. We write briefs and undertake procurement of consultants and contractors. We carry out, project monitoring and evaluation and Project Reviews.

We can step into many roles, temporarily or for the length of the project, acting as Project Director, Creative Director or Project Manager. We can chair Project Boards and lead Project and Design Teams. and manage Funding Bids We write relationship with funders. We can manage creative commissions and collaborations. Whatever your needs, the Director of North Star and our associates can provide support and guidance based on years of experience to help deliver your idea.

We are enablers who know how to develop and deliver great creative ideas with our knowledge of this specialist sector